Safety Tips for Heavy Haul Trucking

Working in the heavy haul trucking industry is no easy feat. From regulatory requirements to running into problems on your route, anything can happen at a work site. While knowledge comes with experience, there are safety tips that you can take to ensure that you and your team are as prepared as possible.

  1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – there’s no such thing as being too prepared when it comes to the rigging industry. It’s imperative that you properly prepare yourself for your next heavy hauling job. It’s important to have the right equipment, make sure you have the right tie-downs to secure your load and make sure you have any other accessories such as chocks or wedges to ensure your heavy load will not move around on your drive.
  2. Secure Your Load – this cannot be stressed enough. Transporting large equipment is vastly different than putting a stove in the back of your pick-up. If your equipment is not properly secured, it can lead to a potentially catastrophic accident if it comes apart or falls off of your hauling truck bed. Your cargo should be securely locked in place to ensure no movement or damage.
  3. Don’t Speed – this one is pretty self-explanatory. The larger the load you’re transporting, the more you should abide by the speed limits and weather conditions. For large loads, it’s typically safer to drive a little below the speed limit so long as it does not cause damage to your cargo. An accident due to a large cargo hauler ultimately ends in a chain reaction of cars piling up – going an extra 5MPH simply is not worth it.
  4. Don’t Drive Like a Jerk – be courteous of the other drivers on the road; they’re likely scared to be driving around your vehicle as it is. Go the extra mile to ensure you’re driving safely, using your turn signals, and use your 4-way lights whenever transporting a large load.
  5. Know the Rules – as a heavy haul trucking professional, you should already be aware of the industry’s rules and regulations. If you’re unsure, you should familiarize yourself ASAP. Often times, special permits are required prior to your job, so make sure you have everything you need before completing your hauling job.

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